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‘Vigilance against Satellite’s negative consequences is a must’

29 June 2016 9:54



Speaking during his Quranic exegesis class at Qom’s Ayatollah Golpaygani Seminary, Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi-Tehrani referred to Quranic chapter Hajj saying, “Those who do not go toward the truth and do not follow God’s instructions will eventually follow every other evil over time and will quickly and easily accept every falsehood but they will offer excuses and the shortcomings over accepting the truth.
The teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom went on to underline, “in modern society, large amounts of information and advice exist on social networks and it is unclear whether or not they are academic sources.”

Ayatollah Hadavi-Tehrani said, “Young people accept may this information without studying or investigating while in the case of religion and knowledge, they are looking for proofs and reasons for religious rulings.”

He said that those who have gone astray, believe that people living Western countries are experiencing pleasure while they face severe problems and difficulties in Islamic countries. But, he argued that it is Western countries who are in extreme error.

His Eminence, according to Rasa, explained that it seems that Westerners are immersed in pleasure, however when we examine their lifestyle, we they will see that they are suffering from many problems.

In conclusion, Ayatollah Hadavi-Tehrani stressed, “We must be careful that the youth of today do not fall under the influence of or become afflicted by Western satellite television networks and virtual and social networks, which are a trap to divert and mislead Islamic societies.”

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