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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Sustain Heavy Losses in Army Offensive in Deir Ezzur

2 July 2016 13:16



The Syrian army and popular forces continued their military operations against the terrorist groups in Deir Ezzur province, and inflicted heavy losses on them over the past 24 hours.

The Syrian army killed and wounded scores of the ISIL militants in Deir Ezzur.

The terrorist groups also sustained heavy casualties in other key provinces across Syria.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian fighter jets continued targeting ISIL’s strongholds in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur on Friday, and inflicted vital damage on the militants’ military grid.

Also elsewhere in Deir Ezzur on Friday, the ISIL sustained heavy casualties in the Syrian airstrikes on the terrorist group’s centers in Deir Ezzur province.

The Syrian jets pounded ISIL’s positions near al-Mura’yeh village in Eastern side of Deir Ezzur and Southern bank of the Euphrates River, Hatla to the North of Deir Ezzur airport, which inflicted major losses on the militants.


The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) beat the ISIL back from more positions in the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo after hours of non-stop battle, Kurdish sources said on Friday.

“The SDF fighters stormed ISIL’s strongholds and seized back Madfaa square near Western gate of Manbij and the police traffic building at the M4 Highway,” the sources said.

“The SDF is likely attempting to separate the Eastern and Western parts of the town in order to cut off different ISIL units and defeat them one after another,” the sources added.

Meantime the source said that the SDF has intensified its offensives against the ISIL Southwest of the strategic town of Manbij in Northern Aleppo province.

“The SDF units are steadily advancing in various areas of the city, with special attention to the Northwestern neighborhoods,” the sources said, adding, “The ISIL positions in Manbij have also been under heavy airstrike in the last 24 hours, which ended in destruction of 5 ISIL tactical units, 2 positions, a mortar launching-pad and a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device.”


The Russian Defense Ministry informed that Jeish al-Islam terrorists have opened heavy fire at the UN humanitarian convoy in Eastern Damascus.

“Militants of Jeish al-Islam, shelled the UN humanitarian convoy in Eastern Harasta, which injured one of the drivers of the UN vehicles,” the ministry said.

Syrian army has been carrying out several offensives to push the terrorist groups back along the provinces’ roads to reinvigorate their security to transfer more humanitarian cargos to refugees across the province.

Meantime, the Syrian Army ground troops, backed up by the Air Force and artillery units, hit the defense lines of Jeish al-Islam terrorist group hard in Eastern Damascus and pushed the militants back from part of a key town in the region, battlefield sources said.

“The Syrian army men, in several hours of non-stop battle, entered a part of the town of Mayda’a, which ended in the killing at least 9 militants while capturing the Eastern district of the town,” the sources said, adding, “If the Syrian soldiers win back the town, they will have effectively positioned themselves to strike Hawsh al-Farah from three separate directions.”


The Syrian military forces stormed a long convoy of ISIL’s military vehicles in Eastern Sweida, inflicting major damage on the column.

The ISIL convoy was on a road connecting Abu Sharshouh border crossing near Iraq to Bir al-Rseiey region in Eastern Sweida.

In addition to explosion of a number of ISIL’s vehicles, the group also suffered a heavy death toll in the attacks.


Syrian military forces continued to hunt al-Nusra Front’s terrorists across different neighborhoods of the Southern city of Dara’a, and also inflicted major damage on their military hardware.

Syrian soldiers stormed positions of al-Nusra in Busra square in Dara’a al-Mahatta, al-Manshiyeh and al-Bajabja in Dara’a al-Balad, al-Saad road and al-Nazeheen camp, which not only claimed the lives of several militants but ended in destruction of military equipment and vehicles.


The Syrian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over ISIL’s strongholds in the Southern and Eastern sides of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) in Eastern Homs province, and inflicted major casualties on the terrorists.

The Syrian warplanes targeted ISIL’s centers near third oil-pumping station in Eastern side of Palmyra, which not only claimed the lives of several militants but destroyed their military vehicle.

In the meantime, ISIL’s machinegun-equipped vehicles were bombed by the Syrian army aircraft in Eastern side of the villages of Huweisis and Jbab Hamad in al-Furuqlos region.


The Syrian army soldiers and National Defense Forces struck the positions of the militant groups in the mountainous regions of Northeastern Lattakia and beat the terrorist back from one more key village.

The Syrian Marines alongside popular forces imposed full control over the hilltop village of Ruweisat al-Malk near the Turkish border after a violent battle with the terrorist groups.

The militant groups left behind scores of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefield.

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