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US project of terror in Mideast falling apart: Analyast

3 July 2016 17:25



Press TV has conducted an interview with Shabbir Hassanally, an activist and Islamic scholar from London, to discuss the reasons behind Iran’s opposition to any kind of talks with the US over regional issues including the crisis in Syria. 

A rough transcription of the interview appears below.

Press TV: Why is Iran opposed to talks with the US over Syria?

Hassanally: I think anyone with half a brain, any of the free people of the world, know that this situation in Syria has happened because of US interference in Syria and then Iraq. To turn around and tell someone who is murdering someone, you know, to say that the murderer should collaborate with the defender is ludicrous, it’s oxymoronic.

If America is genuine about its intentions in Syria – that it wants to have peace prevail – it needs to back off, it needs to stop funding Saudi and supporting Saudi and Qatar and all of these little shopping malls and oil fields with flags around the region that are throwing fire onto Syria and onto Yemen – let’s not forget Yemen – and it needs to tell its biggest proxy, the US’ biggest proxy in that region, the Zionists, it needs to tell them back off and stop supporting them.

America needs to sit down and worry about its own problems and leave the problems of the world alone. For America to turn around and say to Iran, ‘oh, we want to work with you,’ there is only one reason for this; and of course Ayatollah Khamenei said it very clearly – that one reason is to limit the influence and effectiveness that the Islamic Republic of Iran has had in the region in destroying Daesh, hurting Daesh and damaging the Zionist entities’ plans in the region.

So, I believe it’s impossible for any sane person to work with America in trying to resolve a problem that America is primarily the main instigator of; it really makes no sense. And of course as for the nuclear ticket, of course America is now waving the flag and has said ‘okay we’ve done this big deal’ but actually they haven’t adhered to a single one of their commitments on the nuclear deal; in fact they’ve reneged on all of them. You know that they have not broken any sanctions or opened up anything; they’re all stalling everything. The whole thing was a farce. It’s not something that America is sincere about because of course America is not an independent country. We have to understand America is controlled by the Zionists and the corporate bankers.

Press TV: When it comes to terrorism in the Middle East especially in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere and especially when their own campaigns have been largely ineffective why are the West and certain regional allies in the Middle East against Iran’s campaign against terrorism in the region?

Hassanally: Because like I said the West and its regional proxies are instigating terrorism. If you look every moment they get they say Assad must go, Assad must go, Assad must go. There’s even conversations that have been caught there on YouTube, there on LiveLeak and other places where clearly the American generals and others and the Israelis are saying that ‘we would prefer al-Qaeda or Daesh to control Syria than Bashar al-Assad’. Why? Because Bashar al-Assad is part of the resistance axis. He is like a bulwark against Zionist aggression, against Zionist hegemony in that region. And you know for America and the Zionists, both Arab Zionists and the European Zionists, they have been creating the terrorism. They don’t want Iran in the picture because the only reason that terrorism is being broken is because Iran is breaking its back or rather Iran’s support is breaking its back through the heroic work of the Iraqi army and the Iraqi resistance forces through the Syrian Arab army and Syrian independent forces that are working alongside the government and of course the Islamic resistance movement Hezbollah. If it wasn’t for these groups and for Iran’s assistance then Daesh would have been all over the place and their project of terror would have been prevailing. There is now a risk that this project is going to fall apart. We pray it falls apart and that the American and Zionist presence in Syria and Iraq is removed and those countries can come back to normal and come back to being prosperous and there is no way that America wants that and it knows Iran will be successful so it tries to neutralize Iran’s position and of course it will fail because Iran has got a wise leadership.

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