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Syrian Army Strengthens Anti-Terrorism Front in Northern Lattakia

8 July 2016 15:26



The Syrian Army has dispatched more troops to the battlefields near Jabal al-Turkmen (Turkmen mountain) and Jabal al-Akrad (Kurds mountain) to confront the terrorist groups’ recent movements near the border with Turkey, military sources said.

The terrorist groups launched heavy attacks against the Syrian army’s position near Jabal al-Turkmen and occupied al-Sarraf village.

“Therefore, the Syrian army deployed a group of its special forces in Kassab bordering area who are skilled in partisan fights and can block the terrorists’ advance in the region,” a military source said on Friday.

The source added that the Syrian warplanes also launched airstrikes against the terrorists’ positions in Jabal al-Turkmen and Jabal al-Akrad which killed and wounded tens of militants.

In a relevant development, the Syrian army pushed back terrorists’ attack on its positions in Lattakia province on Wednesday.

The army units fended off the al-Nusra Front terrorists from their positions near Tal Baydha region.

Although the Takfiri terrorists had prepared for massive military operations near Tal Baydha region, the Syrian army prevented them from achieving their goal.

The strategic importance of Tal Baydha region is attributed to its proximity with Turkmen region and the entrance gate to Jabal al-Akrad and al-Qasatel strategic region.

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