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Syria: Terrorist Groups Target Aleppo with Cluster Munition

9 July 2016 23:01



Local sources confirmed that the militant groups have shelled residential areas in the Western districts of Aleppo city with 220-mm 9M27K cluster bomb missiles.

“The terrorist groups, that have sustained major losses in the recent advances of the Syrian government forces in Northern side of Aleppo city and their main supply line to the city was cut off in Castillo region, have targeted the Western neighborhoods of Aleppo by several 220-mm 9M27K cluster bomb missiles,” the sources said, adding, “The missiles have been fired from Oregon rocket-launcher. The missile has a war-head weighting 90 kilograms that can carry 30 kg of explosive materials. The missile’s effective range is 35 km.”

“The missile carries a number of smaller bombs,” the sources said.

“These missiles had not been used in Syria war and this is the first time the militants use them to hit residential areas. Only a few countries, which surly have role in dispatching arms to militants in Syria, have technology of manufacturing such missiles,” the sources underscored.

“There are close similarities between the missiles which hit Aleppo districts and the missiles Ukraine used in shelling the country’s Eastern part two years ago,” the sources disclosed.

Reports said earlier today that 20 civilians were killed and over 140 injured due to Takfiri terrorist rocket shells on Aleppo city.

Takfiri Terrorists targeted al-Furqan neighborhood and the University Housing in Aleppo, killing 20 civilians and wounding over 140.

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