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Int’l Quran competition for Muslim students is a unique event

10 July 2016 16:31



Secretary of the Council for Development of Quranic Culture described the International Quran Competition for Muslim Students as a unique event in the Muslim world.

Sheikh Hamid Mohammadi said it even has a higher status than Iran’s annual international Quran competition.

Contenders in the international Quran competition of the Islamic Republic of Iran are members of the public but those taking part in the International Quran Competition for Muslim Students are elites in the field of science and knowledge, he stated.

He further appreciated the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) for organizing the competition for Muslim students.

Given the activities of extremist groups in the Muslim world, holding such competitions is the best move to counter them, he underlined.

Sheikh Mohammadi further said the Council for Development of Quranic Culture will do whatever it can to help in the organization of the 6th edition of the competition.

He hoped that since the holy city of Mashhad will host the competition early next year, it will be the best edition of the contest, given the special status and potentials of the city.

Mashhad will host the 6th edition of the international Quranic event on January 1-4, 2017.

The Iranian Academics Quranic Activities Organization, affiliated to ACECR, has organized the competition biannually since 2006 with the aim of promoting unity and cooperation among Muslim world students and elevating the level of Quranic activities.

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