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Syrian Army Completes Siege of Terrorists in Aleppo, Prepares to Attack Bani Zeid

12 July 2016 17:04



A senior battlefield commander announced that the Syrian army has completed its siege of the Takfiri terrorists in the city of Aleppo, and is now preparing to launch fresh attacks on a strategic region in Northern Syria.

“The Takfiri terrorists are under the army’s siege in Aleppo city, and they are preparing for attacking Bani Zeid district,” Commander of Syria’s Imam Baqer (AS) Brigade al-Haj Zayad Hassan told FNA on Tuesday.

Imam Baqer Brigade is a Syrian resistance force that is cooperating with the Syrian army in its fight against the Takfiri terrorists.

Bani Zeid is the most important stronghold of the Takfiri terrorists in Aleppo city.

“Imam Mohammad Baqer (AS) is preparing to recapture Bani Zeid that is used by the Takfiri terrorists to strike at the innocent civilians with tens of missiles and mortar shells,” Zayad Hassan added.

Earlier on Tuesday, a battlefield commander of the Syrian Armed Forces announced minutes ago that pro-government forces have beaten militants back from their strongholds in al-Lairamoun neighborhood and took control of several building blocks near a road to Castillo.

“The Syrian army men, in a rapid attack, won back Sadcoub building and moved towards al-Lairamoun square that links Aleppo city to the Castillo highway in the East,” the commander said.

“The militant groups’ defense lines in al-Lairamoun were badly hit by the Syrian soldiers and were pushed back from Sadcoub building in the early hours of the attack,” the commander added.

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