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Three dead, cop injured after courthouse shooting in Michigan

12 July 2016 20:02



Three people have been killed in a shooting at a courthouse in St. Joseph in southwest Michigan, officials say.

A police officer was also shot and injured in the incident, which took place on Monday afternoon, Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey told reporters.

“A person has shot two bailiffs, they are both deceased, and a deputy sheriff who is at the hospital right now being treated in the emergency room,” Bailey said. “The suspect has been shot and killed.”

The shooter was a male inmate, who was being taken to jail when he managed to take a gun from a deputy and open fire.

“They had a gentleman in there, in his jail greens and handcuffs,” a witness told WSJM. “One of the sheriff’s bailiffs took him into another hallway, and you heard a scuffle, you heard someone hit the floor. Then the courtroom bailiff went into that room, and you heard a gunshot.”

Berrien County Commissioner Jeanette Leahey said that “we’re in a difficult time in the world. We all know that. It’s unfortunate that it’s coming close to home. … I’m discouraged and disgusted.”

In a tweet, Governor Rick Snyder said that Michigan State Police “has secured the scene” and “started its investigation into the shooting.”

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