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UK munitions used in Saudi strikes on civilians in Yemen: HRW

12 July 2016 11:36


Human Rights Watch (HRW) says it has “compelling evidence” that British weapons are being used by Saudi Arabia in the war on Yemen, including against civilian targets.

The New York-based international organization said in a report that Saudi Arabia has hit factories in Yemen using UK-made munitions, and the remnants of the armaments were found at three different sites.

One of those munitions was a laser-guided Paveway bomb produced in May 2015, and supplied to Saudi Arabia shortly after the start of its war on Yemen.

Another was a UK-made Hakim air-launched cruise missile manufactured by a British company in the 1990s.

“This report has proven that weapons sold after the start of this war have been used in unlawful strikes and on civilian targets,” Priyanka Motaparthy, a senior emergencies researcher at the HRW, who wrote the report, said.
Andrew Smith, the spokesman for the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), said the report strongly proves that UK munitions are being dropped on civilians, and will form part of its legal challenge against the British government to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

“The report presents clear and compelling evidence of UK bombs being used against businesses and civilian targets,” Smith said.

He added, “Saudi Arabia has been widely accused of breaking humanitarian law, and yet the arms sales have continued. It is imperative that the government acts on these allegations and ends arms sales to Saudi Arabia.”

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