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Syria: Civilians’ Security Worse than ever under ISIL in Manbij

13 July 2016 16:32



The security and living conditions of the people in the city of Manbij have deteriorated under very hard curfew imposed by the ISIL terrorists and their decision to cut people’s bread quota, local sources in Northeastern Aleppo said on Wednesday.

“The ISIL snipers have been ordered to gun down anyone leaving his/her house in the Eastern and Southern districts of Manbij,” the sources said, “In the meantime, a unit of the ISIL has gathered a number of Manbij civilians, including women and children, in downtown to possibly use them as human shield when attacked by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).”

On Tuesday, the SDF, after hours of non-stop street battle, beat the ISIL back from more building blocks in the Northwestern districts of Manbij, pinning down the militants behind their positions.

The Kurdish-led SDF fighters’ continued attacks slowed down ISIL’s movements across the Northwestern streets of the town of Manbij, and instead the SDF fighters advanced rapidly against the Takfiri terrorists.

The ISIL retreated from many positions, including the training center for the children of non-Syrian ISIL members.

The ISIL started mop-up operation in al-Sharia square and its surroundings.

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