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Thousands of Argentines protest energy price hikes

15 July 2016 11:13


Thousands of people have held protest rallies across Argentina against an increase in consumer utility prices ordered by the conservative government.

People took to the streets in the capital, Buenos Aires, and a number of other cities on Thursday evening, banging pots and pans to express their opposition to the recent hikes.

The demonstration, which was organized by consumer protection associations and leftist groups, came only days after the government announced a new cap on hikes to gas prices and said it would appeal a court ruling that halted the price hikes for gas and electricity.

President Mauricio Macri cut energy subsidies and raised energy rates after taking office late last year. He said frozen tariffs during the previous government had left Argentina’s economy on the brink of collapse.

“I’m marching against the rise in prices that we had. We don’t have enough money for this and we can’t pay the bills that came,” said, Osvaldo Ceballos, a 76-year-old protester.

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