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Double standards on terrorism result in global insecurity

16 July 2016 17:08


In a message to his French counterpart, Iran’s speaker of parliament slammed Nice terrorist attack and underlined that dual approach towards terrorism has led to insecurity all around the world.

Larijani, in his message, extended his condolences to French President of Naional Assembly Claude Bartolone, Members of Parliament and French government as well as French nation and strongly condemned the attack calling it an ‘inhumane act.’

“The recent terrorist attacks of Karrada in Iraq, Dhaka, Istanbul and Nice prove that terrorism knows no boundaries and is a serious threat to security and stability of all countries with any religion, race and ethnicity,” reaffirmed Larijani in his message.

He continued that “hundreds of Iranian families are grieved with loss of their members in terrorist attacks by groups like MKO since the victory of Islamic Revolution; the groups we have witnessed their gathering in Paris recently.”

“I do believe double standards and lack of seriousness in dealing with terrorism would result in more insecurity, violence and extremism in different parts of the world,” stated Larijani and continued “It is expected that the European Union, regarding the recent developments, adopts an active, principled, unified and clear policy in fight against terrorism, its roots and causes of its growth.”

Larijani also expressed hope that the postponed visit of his French counterpart to Tehran, which was due on Julay 16, would take place soon.

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