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Syria: Terrorists Withdraw from Two more Villages in Homs Province

17 July 2016 15:39



The militant groups that had violated the peace agreement with the Syrian government were forced by the Syrian Army and villagers to leave their positions, military sources confirmed on Sunday.

“Based on an agreement between the Syrian army and local residents, tens of the militants, who had not observed truce details with the Syrian government, were forced by the Syrian soldiers to leave the villages of Um al-Qasab and Qazhel on six Buses for other militant-held regions,” the sources said.

On Saturday, Syrian Army troops hit ISIL’s bases and positions hard in Eastern Homs, killing several terrorists, including a security commander and an Emir.

ISIL’s security officer Aref al-Sweilim from Kuwait and Takfiri group’s commander in al-Sukhneh region Marwan Abu Daghmesh were killed in the offensive of the Syrian Special Forces near al-Abyadh mountain.

The Syrian army men also targeted two tanks, a missile launchpad, two fuel tankers and five technical vehicles of the ISIL in their attacks.

The Syrian Air Force, for its part, bombed ISIL centers near al-Sha’er oilfield in Southeastern side of Palmyra, which not only ended in the killing of several militants but destroyed their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

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