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2 zionist soldiers killed in grenade explosion in Golan Heights

18 July 2016 15:20



A grenade explosion has killed two Israeli soldiers and injuried three others at a military outpost in the occupied Golan Heights in Palestine.

The incident occurred near the checkpoint in the vicinity of Majdal Shams village on the foothills of Mount Hermon on Sunday morning, when the driver of an Israeli jeep, transporting four more soldiers, pulled over the vehicle, got off the jeep and detonated the explosive.

The driver and the soldier in the front seat, who reportedly had already stepped out of the jeep, were killed on the spot. One of the soldiers inside the jeep, the force commander, was moderately wounded, with shrapnel all over his neck and chest, and the remaining two sustained light injuries.

Israeli paramedics evacuate wounded soldiers from a grenade blast scene in the occupied Golan Heights, on July 17, 2016.

The 24-year-old driver, named Husam Tafash, was originally from the nearby village and the 20-year-old Shlomo Rindenow, part of the checkpoint personnel, was a lone soldier from the United States.

Israeli medical teams transport and care for one of the soldiers hurt in a grenade explosion in the occupied Golan Heights, July 17, 2016.

There are conflicting reports of the cause of the incident, but the Israeli military said in a statement that it had assembled a committee to investigate the blast.

The soldiers had returned from patrolling the border line with Syria when the blast occurred.

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