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Iraqi Forces Win Another Battle against ISIL in Northern Salahuddin

20 July 2016 17:23



Iraqi government forces continued their advances against ISIL’s positions in Northern Salahuddin bordering Nineveh province and captured a main crossroad near al-Sharqat.

The Iraqi soldiers, federal police and volunteer forces of Hashed al-Shaabi beat back the ISIL terrorists from al-Sakariyat crossroad on way towards the town of al-Sharqat, the least ISIL’s stronghold in Salahuddin province.

At least 25 ISIL fighters were killed and its military hardware majorly damaged in the attacks.

Sources also said on Tuesday that Iraqi Army troops and Hashed al-Shaabi completed siege on the key town of al-Sharqat, and were very close to seizing back control of one more strategic region near Mosul from ISIL.

“The Iraqi government forces have cut off the entire supply lines to al-Sharqat. The ISIL terrorists have no way out. The town will be imminently liberated,” Mohammad al-Hattab said, adding, “In the meantime, ISIL’s defense lines in Western side of al-Huweija have been under heavy attacks of the Iraqi government forces which have inflicted major losses on the Takfiri group.”

“Al-Sharqat, from military point of view has come under the army control,” he underlined.

“The Iraqi forces liberated several villages in Northern Salahuddin and cut off the entire supply routes to al-Sharaqat,” al-Hattab went on to say.

“In the meantime, our forces have secured several roads for the evacuation of civilians form al-Sharqat,” he said.

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