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VIDEO: Syrian Army Attacks Break Terrorist’s Back in Hama

22 July 2016 18:32
Syrian army and popular forces have intensified their offensives against the terrorist groups in Hama province, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their positions.



The Syrian army backed by the popular forces killed and drove out Takfiri terrorists from more important territories in the Central province of Hama.

In the Northern parts of Hama, the Syrian forces could liberate Petrol region in the Southeastern side of Aqareb town.

The army and Hezbollah units also managed to win back control of al-Salem and al-Waqe’a near the Petrol oil region.

The Syrian troops also made the terrorists withdraw from the countryside of Aqareb town and purged al-Tout heights of the terrorist groups.

During the operations, tens of militants were killed and injured.

The ISIL’s attempts to break the army’s first defense line in the Eastern parts of Salamiyah city in Hama province failed after air force warplanes entered the scene.

The Syrian air force airstrikes destroyed several military vehicles and ISIL bases in the region and the army forces could repel the terrorist group’s heavy offensive against their bases in the Eastern parts of Salamiyah.

Residents of the nearby villages also joined the army to defend their homes and created a security belt around the Eastern parts of Salamiyah; FNA reported.

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