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Kurdish Fighters Send More Forces to Manbij to Join Operation against Daesh

25 July 2016 17:41

Kurdish Fighters Send More Forces to Manbij to Join SDF’s Operation against Daesh

Syrian Forces have announced that many Kurdish fighters have been sent to Manbij battlefield to join SDF to fight against ISIL terrorists.

“Manbij battlefield will host more Kurdish fighters in the next hours,” the SDF said, adding, “Fresh forces are experienced in street clashes and will surely reinvigorate our anti-ISIL front.”

“In the meantime, there are scores of fresh forces with very good background in logistical operations,” the SDF added.

On Sunday, the SDF, mainly comprised of Kurdish fighters, pushed ISIL terrorists back from one more neighborhood in Manbij and launched mop-up operations to hunt the remaining pockets of the militants.

The SDF fighters, who finish clean-up operation of al-Banawi earlier in the morning, stormed ISIL’s positions in al-Kajli neighborhood and forced the militants to retreat from the battlefield.

The SDF combatants further launched fresh round of clean-up operation in the town but this time in al-Kajli, which has thus far ended in the killing of at least 30 terrorists.

Less than 35 percent of Manbij is under ISIL’s control

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