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Hamas leader among 4 Palestinians kidnapped by Zionist PA forces

27 July 2016 19:46



The Palestinian Authority (PA) apparatuses in the West Bank kidnapped four Palestinians, including a Hamas leader. The PA forces in Nablus kidnapped the ex-prisoner Ameen Eshtiyeh from his workplace in Beita town and threatened to arrest all of his brothers in case his brother Sheikh Awadullah Eshtiyeh does not turn himself in.

The PA intelligence troops in Tubas also kidnapped the Hamas leader Ali Kharyoush while driving in the city on Tuesday.

Sources based in Tulkarem city said the PA forces kidnapped the ex-prisoner Jawad Shalabi and sentenced ex-prisoner Samer Saad, from Thanaba town, to house confinement for three months. Meanwhile, Sheikh Mufeed Amayreh, from al-Khalil, was kidnapped by the PA preventive security forces after they summoned him for interrogation on Tuesday.

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