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Houthi missiles hit Saudi positions amid latest advance in northern Sanaa

27 July 2016 19:38


The Houthi forces launched two Zelzal-3 (Quake-3) propellant missiles towards a military camp that hosted the Saudi Coalition and Hadi loyalists on Wednesday morning.

According to the Yemeni Republican Guard, the Zelzal-3 missiles struck a military camp in the Nihm District, killing a number of Hadi loyalists and Saudi coalition soldiers.

Today’s Houthi attack in the Nihm District of the Sana’a Governorate is the third missile strike against the Saudi Coalition forces in the last 72 hours.

In addition to the missile attack this morning, the Houthi forces and Yemeni Republican Guard were able to advance in the Nihm District, capturing several sites near the Mareb-Sanaa axis.


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