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Photos: Saudi Backed Takfiris Burn Alive 50 People, 125 others Abducted

27 July 2016 19:52


The Saudi backed mercenaries massacred and burned more than 50 people, destroyed more than 50 houses after looting them in Al-Sarari village in Taiz province.

According to reports More than 125 villagers abducted in Al Sariri. The Saudi backed mercenaries also detonated Jamal Addin Mosque a Shafi’i (Shafii) Imam in the al-Sarari village and demolished and excavate his tomb.

Later the Riyadh’s Takfiri mercenaries pounded the besieged village of al-Sarari in Taiz province.The Takfiri begin targeting al-Sarari village on Monday night with more than 130 shells.

Today after Al Sarari Massacre heavy shelling with all kinds of heavy and medium weapons on Taiz city and some of its districts continuous.

Saudi militants also burned a library full of old books about sophism in Al Serari village.

Abu Ali Al-Hakem Houthi Military Chief

Abu Ali Al-Hakem Houthi Military Chief says that: “The fight in Taiz is as holy as the battle of Karbala”

In these photos Saudi backed takfiris want to show that al Sarari people unity with Houthi Ansarullah movement and religious book which is near to Shiites school of thoughts and method of praying of al Sarari people show that they are Apostate and Takfiris are right to kill theses people.

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غمنامه شیخ صوفی درباره اوضاع مصیبت بار الصراری

غمنامه شیخ صوفی درباره اوضاع مصیبت بار الصراری

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