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Qatari official accuses Saudi Arabia of plotting failed coup in Turkey

27 July 2016 19:40



Qatari Minister of State for Defense, Khalid al-Attiyah, claimed to have obtained a confidential document which proves that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have supported the failed coup in Turkey in July 15th.

“This document reveals that a Saudi Emir and a top Emirati military official have been aware, in advance, of an imminent plot to topple the Turkish President through their participation in the Anatolian Eagle maneuvers held last May. However, they refrained from informing the Turkish authorities”, al-Attiyah posted on his official Twitter account.

According to the document, the coup d’état was scheduled to be staged in next August, but set in July 15th for unknown reasons.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey disagree on different matters including the Kurdish issue and the Iraqi disputed city of Mosul. Furthermore, the recent thaw between Turkey and Russia following the apology phone call made by Erdogan have apparently become a great matter of concern for Saudi and UAE authorities.

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