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Syrian Army Announces Cutting off Terrorists’ Supply Routes to Eastern Aleppo

27 July 2016 20:32




Syrian Army and Armed Forces announced on Wednesday that as part of the plan to restore security and stability to Aleppo city, units of the Armed Forces in cooperation with supporting forces carried out their military tasks successfully in areas north of Aleppo, cutting off all supply lines and corridors that terrorists had been using to transfer mercenaries, weapons, and munitions to the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city, SANA reported.

The General Command asserted its keenness on the safety and security of all citizens, calling on them to cooperate with the Syrian Arab Army to contribute to the cessation of combat and to restoring calm, services, and normal life to Aleppo city.

The General Command stressed that, out of its commitment to end bloodshed, it offers everyone who is bearing arms in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo a real chance to resolve their status either by turning in their weapons and remaining in the city or turning in their weapons and leaving it, calling on everyone to turn to reason and put national interest above other considerations so that security and stability can be restored to Aleppo.


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