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Field Report: Syrian Army tightens the noose around terrorists in Darayya- Map Update

28 July 2016 19:30



Terrorists fighting the Syrian government fear total collapse as government troops continue to push deeper inside a rebel enclave in southwest Damascus.

Today, the Syrian Army’s highly-trained 4th Armoured Division made significant progress in the insurgent-held suburb of Darayya, seizing a 300 metre long and 450 metre wide strip of territory in the western flank of the rebel-held pocket (the full HD map can be seen here).

As the blockade becomes more stifling, Darayya rebels plead with opposition factions in Daraa and the Eastern Ghouta region to break the siege; a call that has been almost ignored since the mission is next to impossible.


Following the Syrian Army’s advance in this region, pro-opposition social media accounts mourned the death of a key rebel leader, Abu Aref Alayyan (photo below), who was killed in today’s clashes.

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