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Iraqis’ Massive Airstrikes in Mosul Destroys ISIL’s Secret Tunnel, Vehicles

30 July 2016 16:34



The Iraqi warplanes bombed the terrorists’ positions in Mosul in 10 rounds of combat sorties, killing at least 10 ISIL terrorists and destroying their secret tunnels and military vehicles.

During the airstrikes in the Southern parts of Mosul, over 7 terrorists were killed and several others were wounded while a vehicle carrying weapons, ammunitions and missile and equipped with missile launchers were destroyed.

Also a bomb-production plant belonging to the terrorists was smashed in the airstrikes.

The Iraqi fighter jets also blew up the ISIL’s secret tunnels and bases as well as two military vehicles, equipped with missiles and missile-launchers in al-Osajah village in the Northern parts of Qayara base.

Also a plant special to equipping suicide vehicles and making bombs near Qayara base and 12 missile-launching pads in al-Houd village in Southern Mosul were destroyed. The Iraqi pounding of the ISIL positions also shredded a car in Mosul-Qayara road and killed all three terrorists inside.

Reports said earlier this week that the Iraqi army and popular forces continued their advance towards the Central parts of al-Qayara town as one of the most important ISIL bases in Southern Mosul.

As their latest achievement in Southern Mosul, the army purged the ISIL terrorists from al-Osajah village near Haj Ali town of Qayara region as the last ISIL base on the left side of Tigris river’s Eastern coasts.

“After liberation of Haj Ali town, we should have liberated other strategic villages too, including the Eastern Osajah and Western Osajah villages, and we succeeded to take full control of them within some hours,” General Emad al-Issawi said.

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