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Syrian Army Continues to Evacuate Civilians from Besieged Aleppo City

30 July 2016 22:36



A large number of civilians, mainly women and children, have used the army-established safe corridors to leave the war-hit Aleppo city, military sources said Saturday.

“Hundreds of civilians have been moved from militant-held districts in Eastern part of Aleppo to Salahuddin neighborhood which has been prepared by the army men to host refugees from Aleppo,” sources said.

Local sources said on Thursday that terrorists in the besieged districts of Aleppo blocked the “safe passages” provided by the Syrian Army for the civilians to leave the militant-held districts in Syria’s second-largest city.

The move by the terrorists in Aleppo came after a large number of people, including civilians and militants who decided to lay down their arms abiding new offer of amnesty by the Syrian government, left the city of Aleppo through ‘safe corridors’ provided by Syrian pro-government forces.

Some reports also suggest militants groups employed snipers to shot many people getting through the ‘safe passages’.

This comes as Syrian Army forces tightened their grip around Aleppo’ Eastern districts on Thursday, and seized full control of the strategic Bani Zeid district.

Syrian state television quoted the governor of Aleppo as saying that three humanitarian corridors were established for civilians to leave the city. President Bashar Assad also offered an amnesty for rebels who surrender within three months.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also said a fourth corridor would be set up in the North of the city for militants, near the Castello road which the army recently took over.

The Syrian army said on Wednesday it had dropped thousands of leaflets over militant-held districts in Aleppo, asking residents to cooperate with the military and calling on militants to surrender.

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