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Hackers breach networks of 20 Russian organizations

31 July 2016 9:40



The Russian Security Service (FSB) says hackers have breached the computer networks of some 20 high-profile organizations.

“The IT assets of government offices, scientific and military organizations, defense companies and other parts of the nation’s crucial infrastructure were infected,” said the FSB in a statement released on Saturday. It noted that all of the cases are linked and are part of closely-coordinated attack which was carried out with considerable expertise.

The FSB stressed that the malware and programming used in the attacks are similar to a string of previous incidents which have hit the country’s “critically important infrastructures.”

“The advanced software was tailored for each target individually based on unique characteristic of the computer under attack,” added the report.

The malware permitted the hackers to access cameras and microphones and take screenshots and log keyboard strokes.

The Russian computer security company Kaspersky Lab said that it is investigating the breaches which were carried out by a “powerful cyber gang.”

“We need some time to confirm the data in our possession. After that we’ll be ready to share the results of our inquiry,” they said.

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