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Hojjatol Islam Mokhtari receives Sheikh Zakzaky’s adviser

31 July 2016 10:06



The religious unity activist, Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Mohammad Hussein Mokhtari received the adviser of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Amin at the premise of rapprochement research center, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The religious scholar briefed on the programs advanced by the research center stressing,” we try our utmost to strengthen our ties with religious clerics across the World of Islam so as the enemies cannot exploit any standing differences  among Muslims for their own favors.”

“For preserving and boosting unity among Muslims, we stand against any extremist take exists among both Shia and Sunni people,” highlighted Hojjatol Islam Mokhtari placing stress on the prime importance of unity among Muslim nations.

The religious cleric severed any possible tie between the divine religion of Islam and Takfiri measures adding, “According to Mohammad Prophet (PBUH) and infallible Imams, the divine religion of Islam is the religion of peace,” given that in his line, Muslims were all invited to humane conduct.

To the religious researcher, the ways offered in religious teachings and instructions provided Muslims with the know-how of reaching the pure Islam, and as to benefits stands in such way of life, enemies were against the logical religion of Islam.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hojjatol Islam Mokhtari expressed his serious concern about the continued detention and dire health condition of a leading Nigerian Shia leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

The religious cleric hailed the personality features of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky naming him as a true Muslim and a model for Muslim nations in the World.

Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Mohammad Hussein Mokhtari sternly demanded Zakzaky’s freedom as a person who has invited all Muslim from different sects and denominations toward preserving and boosting unity among each other.

On December 13, 2015, Nigerian forces raided the home of Zakzaky, who leads the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), and arrested him after killing those attempting to protect him.

A day earlier, soldiers had attacked Shia Muslims attending a ceremony at a religious center in the city of Zaria in north-central Nigeria, accusing them of blocking the convoy of the army’s chief of staff and attempting to assassinate him, which they denied.

Both incidents led to the deaths of hundreds of members of the religious community, including three of Zakzaky’s sons. Some sources have put the toll at over 1,000.

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