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Palestinian MP: Martyr Faqih lit up the path of salvation for his people

31 July 2016 15:57

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Palestinian lawmaker Basem Za’arir has hailed martyr Mohamed al-Faqih, who died in recent armed clashes with Israeli soldiers in al-Khalil, for the great sacrifice he made and the courage he demonstrated during his confrontation with the Israeli occupation forces.

In press remarks, MP Za’arir described martyr Faqih as a “blessed candle that lit up the path of salvation and freedom for his own people and nation, and revived their hopes.” He also praised the family of the martyr for their steadfastness and patience, adding that the Palestinian people have all the right to be proud of the martyr and his family.

“Palestine is proud of people like al-Faqih. They are its real and finest sons who insist on keeping the flag raised and passing it to each other in order not to fall down until God bestows victory and salvation from the yoke of occupation upon our people.”

Mohamed al-Faqih was killed last Wednesday at dawn by Israeli troops who used portable missiles to destroy the house he was in following six hours of armed clashes with him in Surif town north of al-Khalil.

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