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7 zionist Saudi Soldiers Killed by Yemeni Snipers at Border

2 August 2016 17:14



Yemen’s Ansarullah movement announced that army snipers have killed 7 Saudi military men at the two countries’ common borders.

“The army’s sniper units killed 5 Saudi forces in Jabal al-Dokhan and 2 others in al-Ibadiya and al-Moanaq districts in Southern Saudi Arabia,” a military source of Ansarullah movement said.

“Also, the missile units targeted the Saudi-led forces in al-Ma’zab base and fired a missile at Abu al-Maz camp and two missiles at a cement factory and al-Moanaq region in Jizan,” the source added.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Yemeni army pounded a strategic military base in the kingdom’s Jizan province with home-made missiles.

Saudi Arabia’s al-Sababah military base came under Yemen’s missile attacks, killing at least 20 Saudi soldiers.

The Yemeni popular forces, meantime, destroyed two armored vehicles of the Saudi army in Najran’s Rajla military base.

Also on Monday, the Yemeni missile units pounded and destroyed a strategic Saudi military base in the kingdom’s Najran province.

The Saudis’ Rajla military base in Najran was destroyed by the Yemeni army’s home-made ballistic Zalzal-3 missile which was unveiled in July.

The attack also destroyed a number of tanks and military vehicles belonging to the Saudi forces, al-Masirah reported.

The Yemeni army has fired 13 ballistic missiles towards the Saudi military positions in Najran province since the beginning of July.

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