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Israeli Emergency Authority: Israel Front Grossly Underprepared for War

2 August 2016 18:34



The Zionist entity’s National Emergency Management Authority said that neither government agencies nor local authorities are prepared to deal with the needs of the population and critical infrastructure under a prolonged assault by missiles from Lebanon and Gaza.

“There are serious flaws in the home front’s preparedness for any future war,” Haaretz quoted the emergency authority as saying.

To solve these problems, it said, it will need an extra 500 million shekels ($130 million) a year for the next five years, for tasks such as reinforcing strategic infrastructure against rockets and improving the preparedness of local governments and the health and welfare systems.

The Israeli daily said that the head of the emergency authority, Brig. Gen. (res.) Bezalel Treiber presented his recommendations to Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon on Sunday.

“Currently, beyond the funds included in the defense budget, the government spends some 200 million shekels a year on home front preparedness, divided fairly evenly between the army’s Home Front Command and the emergency authority,” Haaretz added.

In June, the cabinet approved a document prepared by the emergency authority and the Home Front Command outlining what Israel can expect to face in the next war.

The document posited missile fire from at least two fronts, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, that could go on for several weeks. Lebanon alone could fire some 1,500 rockets a day, including dozens of long-range, precision missiles capable of hitting anywhere in Israel, it said.

Source: Israeli Media

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