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Sheikh Qassim, London-based activist win Islamic Human Rights Award

3 August 2016 18:50



Top Bahraini cleric and a human rights activist in London jointly received the 2016 Islamic Human Rights Award.

The award was jointly presented to Bahraini top Shia cleric Sheikh Issa Qassim and Arzu Merali, with the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London in a ceremony here on Wednesday.

Several high-ranking Iranian officials including Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, military and civilian officials were present at the ceremony.

The international prestigious prize went to Sheikh Issa Qassim for his effective role in “peacefully defending the rights of Muslims” as well as “endorsing principles of religious democracy”.

Meanwhile, Arzu Merali received the same award for her role to ‘defend Muslims’ rights” and “fight against Islamophobia”.

As per the Islamic Human Rights Headquarters, the two managed to win the prize out of 15 foreign nominees from different countries.

The Islamic Human Rights Award is given by the High Council for Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Islamic human rights defenders who support and promote these rights in innovative ways, regardless of their religions or beliefs.

Furthermore, it is awarded to Muslims whose rights have been violated by the host states. This Award is given to individuals, NGOs, and organizations or institutions, which have effective roles to protect the Muslim’s rights or to the victims of human rights abuse.

A hospital in the Palestinian Gaza Strip and Syrian, Yemeni and Iraqi activists had been presented the first and second prize of the International Islamic Human rights Award in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

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