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Terrorists Fail to Retake Control of Al-Ramousa Region in Aleppo

4 August 2016 15:55



Syrian army troops and popular forces repelled the terrorists’ massive offensive to regain control of the recently-freed al-Ramousa region in the Southern parts of Aleppo city, army sources said.

“The terrorist groups attempted to seize control of al-Ramosa region after losing its control in an attempt to open a supply route towards the Eastern and Southeastern parts of Aleppo and close the main way of Syrian army and its allies in the Western districts of Aleppo but they were forced to withdraw and the Syrian forces retook full control of al-Ramousa region,” the sources said on Thursday.

Also a military source said that after the terrorists were defeated at al-Modfaiya college near al-Ramousa village, other terrorists attempted to advance from the Northeastern regions through Sheikh Saeed district but failed.

The source added that war has become so hard for the terrorists, predicting that the militants groups will withdraw from the region in the next few days.

The army units also succeeded in repelling the terrorists’ massive raids on Manian village with the support of the residents, he said.

Also, on Wednesday, the Syrian army troops and popular forces repulsed attacks of Jeish al-Fatah in al-Ramousa, army sources said, adding that the clashes left 74 terrorists dead and 41other injured.

Terrorists’ assaults to cut off pro-government forces’ supply lines in Southern districts of Aleppo city were unsuccessful and they retreated from the battlefield after leaving behind at least 115 members dead or wounded.

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