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Massive reinforcements arrive to drive back terrorists from southwest Aleppo

7 August 2016 13:50

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After the terrorists of the Jaish Al-Fateh coalition managed to capture the Artillery Base and the Arming College, the Syrian Army grouping allocated to the base was able to et up a strong defense line at the Technical College repelling the assailants.

As of now, huge masses of reinforcements have arrived on the scene to repel the attack from the 1st, 4th, 17th Armored Divisons, the elite Tiger Forces, Army Engineers from the Assad Military Academy, the Arab National Guard, local security forces, and numerous local volunteers. Reportedly, large reinforcements also arrived from Al Hader town in south Aleppo to help fend off the jihadist offensive.

Intense firefights are ongoing as helicopters haunt Aleppo’s skies. Air strikes and explosions can be heard from all corners of Syria’s largest city.

If the Syrian Army succeeds in repelling the rebel offensive, not only would the army ensure the security of the supply line that feeds the 1.5 million civilians of west Aleppo but also inflict a haunting defeat on the opposition forces which have suffered costly losses in terms of manpower and armored vehicles.

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