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Over 260 Ex-Militants Pardoned by Syrian Authorities in Dara’a

8 August 2016 12:14



Syrian government officials in the Southern city of Dara’a pardoned 264 ex-militants, who had laid down arms and surrendered to the army forces a couple of weeks ago.

Legal files of 264 wanted persons were settled within the framework of local reconciliations in the Southern province and the recently issued Amnesty Decree.

More than 2,756 wanted people and a number of gunmen from various areas in Dara’a province had their legal status settled in the first four days of this month.

Earlier this week, some 2,000 wanted militants, who had turned themselves in to the authorities, were pardoned in Dara’a and returned to their normal life.

Within the framework of the local reconciliations from the amnesty decree no.15 for 2016, the legal status of 2,000 of ex-militants in Dara’a and its countryside were settled on Monday and Tuesday.

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