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President Rouhani: World admits Iran’s role in int’l security

8 August 2016 7:29



President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Iranian expatriates in Baku underlined that all countries admit Iran’s crucial role in restoration of security in the region.

‘Today, all countries of the world admit Iran’s role in establishment of regional security as positive, influential and positive,’ President Rouhani said during the meeting in the Azeri capital on Sunday.

President Rouhani pointed to the peculiarities and advantages of Azerbaijan as compared with other neighbors of Iran in terms of religious and historical commonalities, and said, ‘We should take advantage of this opportunity for meeting the interests of the two nations and two countries in a good manner.’

‘The 11th government has applied the win-win policy not only in the nuclear talks, but in its relations with other countries,’ he added.

President Rouhani underlined that if the nuclear talks were also win-lose we would have never succeeded and in case of success it would not last long.

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