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“Syria battle between resistance and pro-Zionist front”

9 August 2016 10:11



Sheikh Hessan Abdullah, member of Association of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon, criticized Takfiri groups for showing the Syria battle as a Shia-Sunni confrontation noting that the present battle is a war for all Muslim nation, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Takfiri terrorists are struggling to show the present Syria battle as a Shia-Sunni war in an attempt to win global support though Islam disavows such groups which are in serious pursuit of killing Sunni Muslims rather than Shia.”

Member of the International Union of Resistance Scholars stressed,” We, in Association of Muslim Scholars, believe that the present battle in Syria is not a clash between Syrian army and some militants rather it is a frontline between the resistance and pro-Zionist enemies” adding,” When we voice our support for Syrian President Bashar al Assad in fact we are backing ourselves and our beliefs.”

Sheikh Hassan Abdullah noted that Takfiris are harassed with a war among themselves, though they belong to the ideological school of Wahhabist Takfir.

The cleric said that the dependence of the anti-resistance front on Zionism is a clear issue and said,” We will announce on the anniversary of 2006 victory that the present era is an era of victory and no matter how long Syria battle will last, the final victory belongs to the resistance front.”

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