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Iran Dismisses Allegations about Supplying Arms to ISIL in Sinai as “Ridiculous Lie”

11 August 2016 16:42



The Iranian foreign ministry rejected the Israeli media allegations that Tehran has sold weapons to the ISIL terrorist group in the Sinai peninsula as “a ridiculous lie and unimportant”.

“Such naïve and baseless news never change the realities,” an informed foreign ministry source said on Wednesday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s stable and permanent position against the terrorist-Zionist groups, including the ISIL, is fully clear,” the source added.

Stressing that Iran spares no efforts to fight against the Takfiri groups and persuade the world to cooperate in confronting their inhumane acts, the source said today most of the world states are informed of the relationship among the “ominous triangle of the Zionist regime-Saudi Arabia-Takfiri terrorists” which is fomenting chaos and insecurity in the region and the world.

The Israeli media allegations against Iran came as the Syrian forces have several times seized cargos of Israeli-made weapons bound to the terrorists in different parts of Syria.

In a recent development in April, the Syrian Army, tipped off by the intelligence agents, seized a large volume of arms and ammunition in the Southern province of Sweida, provincial sources said, adding that the cargo contained Israeli-made weapons destined for the terrorists.

“The seizure was made on a road in the Western parts of Sweida province,” the sources said, adding, “The vehicle was carrying the arms for the militants in the Syrian desert.”

The sources added that the seized shipment included Israeli-made land mines, mortar shells, RPG rockets and hand-bombs.

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