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Syrian Army Thwarts Attack in Aleppo, Inflicts Heavy Losses upon Terrorists

11 August 2016 18:46



Syrian army and its allies foiled an attack by Takfiri terrorists south of Aleppo, inflicting heaving losses upon the insurgents.

SANA news agency quoted military source as saying that the terrorists launched late on Wednesday a wide-scale attack against army posts south of Aleppo.

The army thwarted the attack, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists, the source said.

The army units inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorist groups in personnel and destroyed a number of their car bombs and armored vehicles , some equipped with cannons and machineguns, according to the source.

The Syrian and Russian air forces also destroyed four command centers, three car bombs and scores of armored vehicles and killed a number of terrorists including leaders during concentrated air strikes south of Aleppo, SANA reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russia’s defense ministry said it would halt fire around Aleppo for three hours each day to allow humanitarian aid into the city, noting that more than 1,000 terrorists were killed in four days of fighting in the battlefield city of Aleppo.

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