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Syrian Army Wins Control over 4 Strategic Regions in Darayya

11 August 2016 16:44



The Syrian military forces pushed terrorists back from 4 key regions in Darayya, Western Ghouta, killing scores of militants during the operations.

“Following the massive attacks on terrorists’ positions in Darayya in Damascus province, the army could advance and control several points, supported by the Syrian and Russian warplanes,” a field source said on Thursday.

“The attacks were launched from several directions and tens of ISIL militants who attempted to advance towards Hajar al-Aswad district in Southern Damascus were killed in the heavy clashes and their military vehicles were destroyed,” he added.

Noting that the army forces also regained control of 4 strategic regions in the Southern parts of Darayya, the source said that on the other side, the Russian fighter jets launched tens of airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in Madira town in Eastern Ghourta, Douma town and Jobar district in Damascus as well as Harasta, al-Mid’ani, Khan al-Sheikh and al-Deir Khabiya regions.

Also on Wednesday, the Syrian army troops and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters continued to beat the Saudi-backed Jeish al-Islam terrorist group back from more positions and captured a small but key town in Eastern Ghouta.

Syrian government forces, in several hours of tough battle, defeated Jeish al-Islam terrorists and captured Shifouniyeh.

Jeish al-Islam suffered a heavy death toll and its military equipment sustained major damage in the attacks.

In the meantime, the army soldiers completed their control over Hawsh al-Nasri near Douma.

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