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VIDEO: Watch Iraqi Army Troops’ Offensive on Islamic State Militants in Qayara

14 August 2016 13:58


Iraq’s Ministry of Defense released a video on Saturday said to show Iraqi troops launching an offensive against the Islamic State (ISIS / Daesh / ISIL / IS) terrorist group in the country’s north.

The footage showed Iraqi troops and armored vehicles advancing in the Qayara district of Iraq.

Major General Najim Abdullah al-Jabouri, the commander of Nineveh military operations, said that his troops launched an attack to retake villages around the city of Qayara at dawn on Friday.

“They were able to purge four villages from Daesh (Islamic State terrorist group) in few hours.,” he added.

Since March, Iraqi forces have been trying to take up positions to its south with the aim of cutting ISIS’s supply lines.

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