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‘Int’l community should move against drug smuggling’

17 August 2016 18:51



Addressing a group of Iranian policemen, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad-Javad Alavi-Boroujerdi said, “The Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran is vigilant in protecting Iran’s borders in order to fight against drug smuggling and foreign invasions. The issue of drug trafficking is not limited only to Iran and its borders and the whole international community must step in to fight this global concern.”

The senior seminary lecturer also said, “It is necessary that the international community realizes the impact of drug smuggle and its ongoing challenges.”

According to Rasa, the revered scholar stressed, “Your service will never be forgotten for all the Iranians are grateful for all the sacrifices and endeavours you’ve accomplished.”

Saying that the Infallible Shi’a Imams prayed for border guards, he added, “The Islamic Republic is not only protecting its citizens from drug abuse but is also giving service to all the other countries worldwide since it’s seizing immense loads of drugs entering its borders.”

Ayatollah Alavi-Boroujerdi then remarked, “A criminal should be treated like a human being and we must keep in mind that even the wrongdoers are able to change, “If one could manifest moralities in their character, then they could try and change someone else’s misbehaviours.”

Expressing that sincere actions are on a par with acts of worship, he stated, “The police force is the watchful eyes of the society, we must save drug addicts’ life for if we become negligent of our behaviour towards others, we will subsequently lose our influence on them.”

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