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VIDEO: People Fleeing from ISIS as Iraqi Army Troops Advance towards Mosul

17 August 2016 18:53


People fleeing Islamic State (ISIS / Daesh / ISIL) terrorist group controlled territories south of the Iraqi city of Mosul said the militant group’s morale had suffered as it had come under increasing military pressure, and that recently its foreign fighters had left.

Displaced civilians interviewed in Dibaga camp in northern Iraq told of hardship caused by the war in the villages around Mosul, and increased brutality at the hands of the militants.

They said recently there was little food, diesel, and electricity. Some had lost family members at the hands of ISIS militants.

They said that in the villages people could follow the news and the advances made by government forces, as an ISIS group ban on satellite television hadn’t been implemented.

ISIS fighters had introduced severe social restrictions over time despite being friendly and supportive of the local people in the beginning, they said.

The ISIS group has recently lost much of its territory in Iraq and has come under pressure from the Iraqi Army and Kurdish forces, even around its main stronghold, Mosul.

Around 45,000 people have been displaced from the area since March, according to the UN refugee agency, and over 4,000 people arrived in Dibaga camp in the last two weeks alone.

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