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Syrian Army’s Operations in Jisr al-Shughour to Empty Eastern Aleppo from Terrorists

18 August 2016 16:25



The Syrian army and its allies’ advance towards Jisr al-Shughour will force the terrorist groups in Eastern Aleppo to return to Idlib province, a military expert said on Thursday.

“By the Syrian forces’ operations in Jisr al-Shughour, the Jeish al-Fatah terrorists and their allies will be forced to return to Idlib and transfer a large number of their forces from Aleppo, which will pave the ground for the army to take control of the Eastern parts of Aleppo and finally seize back the entire city,” the expert said.

After winning back the Kinsibba city in Northern Lattakia, the Syrian troops are now ready to launch extensive operations in Idlib and liberate the strategic city of Kabani as the last headquarters of terrorists in Northern Lattakia, he added.

Now that the terrorists have evacuated the Western parts of Idlib and are fighting in Aleppo, it’s a good time for the Syrian army to take back important regions in Idlib, the expert said.

On Wednesday, the Syrian air force dropped leaflets over the terrorist-held regions in Idlib province, calling on the militants to surrender and vowing to liberate the region soon.

The Syrian army aircraft dropped leaflets reading “Surrender Now” over Jisr al-Shoghour city to give the Takfiri terrorists a last chance to lay down their arms and surrender to the authorities.

Military sources disclosed that hundreds of leaflets have been dropped over Jisr al-Shoghour for several times now.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, a military source said that the Syrian army and its allies’ recent victories in the newly-liberated town of Kinsibba will pave the ground for launching the operations to win back Idlib from the terrorists.

“The military operations in Lattakia were launched to provide the ground for the army to regain positions that will be of crucial importance in future clashes,” the source said.

“Kinsibba town is one of the most important positions retaken in Lattakia since it links Jabal al-Akrad and Turkmen areas, is adjacent to the Lattakia-Aleppo road and is of paramount importance for closing the borders and liberating Idlib which is full of foreign terrorists affiliated to Jeish al-Fatah,” he added.

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