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Turkish parliament approves Israel deal Despite Turkish People Opposition

20 August 2016 16:42

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Turkish regime lawmakers have approved an agreement to enable reconciliation between Turkey and Israel after a six-year rupture over the killing by Israel of 10 Turks.

The deal, which had been submitted to the Turkish parliament for approval on Wednesday, was passed on Saturday. Reports did not specify how many votes were cast in favor or potentially against the deal.

Ankara and Tel Aviv’s then close relations soured after Israeli commandos attacked the Freedom Flotilla aid convoy in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea on May 31, 2010, killing nine Turkish citizens and injuring about 50 other people. A tenth Turkish national later succumbed to his injuries. The vessel was attempting to break the Israeli naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Ankara demanded an apology, which was not forthcoming only until recently, as well as compensation for the families of the victims of the Israeli raid.

The two sides gradually engaged in almost secret talks to mend relations, and came out announcing the reconciliation deal on June 27.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and some Israeli officials have likewise defended the accord, saying it will have a positive impact on the Israeli economy and invite lucrative Mediterranean gas deals for the regime.

The Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli siege since June 2007. The blockade has caused a decline in the standards of living as well as unprecedented levels of unemployment and unrelenting poverty.

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