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Iraq: Iran of pivotal role in fighting ISIL in Iraq

20 August 2016 18:07



Speaker of Iraqi parliament is visiting Tehran and has visited his Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani to discuss bilateral ties and fight against terrorism.

Ali Larijani and Salim al-Jubouri visited on Saturday to discuss important issues of the region as well as bilateral ties. Mr. Jabouri is the 4th Iraqi official (including KRG) to visit Tehran in the past 10 days. Larijani believed that Iran had preferred a strong and sovereign Iraq in its western borders; “Iraq had been historically a wealthy land, with deep roots in history of civilization; we discussed the prospect of trade and economic relations with Mr. al-Jabouri and hope to see a revival of trade across the borders,” he told the press after the meeting. “Political convergence in Iraq as an important part of fighting terrorism was also a topic for talks; we agree that cooperation in intelligence and security would guarantee interests of both sides; Mr. Jabouri’s visit provided an opportunity to boost ties with Iraq; Iran’s official line of policy is that Iraqi territorial integrity is a key to security of the country as well as that of the region,” he added.

Mr. al-Jabouri for his part hailed Iran’s role in the crisis in his country, as the only country which offered unconditional help with the fight against ISIL well before the western coalition targeted ISIL’s strongholds; “The political ascendency in Iraq believes that Islamic Republic of Iran is an ideal country to improve relations with; crisis in Iraq has assumed its shape as ISIL and other terrorist groups, while we need a country to stand with us; Iran was such a country and greatly helped the Iraqi government and nation in struggle with restoring ISIL-taken territories to Iraq,” al-Jabouri emphasized.

“Parliamentary relations are important for us and our delegation included many members of Iraqi Parliament; the political authorities in Iraq had come to the conclusion that they should take a single position in fighting terrorism and fighting corruption and economic problem,” he concluded.

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