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Houthi missile attack kills 50+ Saudi soldiers in Najran

21 August 2016 18:18

missile (2)


The Houthi forces fired a Tochka ballistic missile towards a Saudi military camp in Najran city on Sunday, killing more than 50 Saudi soldiers and Hadi loyalists.

According to Al-Mayadeen News, the Houthi missile attack scored a direct hit on a Saudi encampment, resulting in heavy casualties and severe damage to the military installation in the Najran area of southern Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the casualties suffered from the Houthi missile strike in Najran, the Hadi loyalists and their Saudi counterparts lost another 50+ fighters this weekend after being cutoff by the anti-government forces in the Ta’iz Governorate.

Recently, the Saudi Army and Hadi loyalists have suffered a series of defeats at the hands of the Houthi forces and Yemeni Republican Guard; this has prompted the Saudi Air Force to intensify their airstrikes over the densely populated Sanaa and Saada governorates of northern Yemen.

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