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Mishaal: The Israeli occupation unable to defeat Gaza

21 August 2016 17:21



Head of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal has said that the Israeli occupation army is unable to defeat the Gaza Strip despite its military superiority and huge arsenal of weapons. Mishaal’s remarks came in a recorded speech delivered during a ceremony held on Saturday in Gaza City to honor memorizers of the holy Qur’an.

The Hamas leader said the people’s adherence to the great Islamic values and the option of preparation and resistance helped Gaza to become high in stature, described Gaza as a “strong wall against all plots.” He expressed his belief that the victory against the occupation can be achieved through a “combination of Qur’an and resistance.

” He also applauded what he described as the “heroes of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque” for the sacrifices they have made to defend their holy places.

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