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Taliban militants seize district in NE Afghanistan

22 August 2016 15:08



Taliban militants in Afghanistan have captured an area in the northeastern province of Takhar following heavy clashes with security forces.

Local officials confirmed the fall of the Khaja Ghar to the Taliban on Monday but the provincial police chief said clashes were ongoing and that neither side had full control of the district.

Security forces have reportedly launched an operation to retake the district.

Two days ago, the Taliban captured the Khanabad district in the restive Kunduz Province following fierce fighting with Afghan troops who later retook it in a predawn attack.

Taliban militants have intensified their attacks on Kunduz and launched numerous offensives on key districts of the province during the past several months.

The militants have also attempted to take control of the provincial capital city of the same name. They did seize it briefly last year before being driven out in a counteroffensive by Afghan military forces.

Last week, the Taliban seized a district in the northern Baghlan province.

According to the Defense Ministry, Afghan security forces are currently battling the Taliban in at least 15 of the country’s 34 provinces.

Afghanistan is still suffering from insecurity and violence years after the United States and its allies invaded the country in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror.

The military invasion removed the Taliban from power, but their militancy continues to this day.

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