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Saudi Army in serious trouble after Houthi forces advance to Najran Dam

23 August 2016 22:13

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The Houthi forces are now at the doorsteps of the strategic Najran Dam after capturing several sites from the exhausted Saudi Royal Army in the Najran Valley of Saudi Arabia.

With the Houthi forces on the brink of seizing the Najran Dam, the Saudi Army finds itself in serious trouble inside their own country, as the anti-government units continue the onslaught that allowed them to seize much of the Saudi-Yemeni border.

Making matters worse for the KSA’s armed forces, the Saudi-whistleblower on Twitter “Mujtahidd” announced on Tuesday that an apache helicopter crashed while attacking the Houthi forces.

The Saudi Ministry of Defense has not commented on this rumor; however, they have rarely discussed the ongoing military operations in Najran with the public.

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