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Syrian Army on verge of splitting militant stronghold in two

23 August 2016 22:12



Units from the Syrian Army operating on the Darayya axes advanced on the embattled city and fortified positions on the train railway close to the building concentration in Darayya’s city center.

A ground source informed informed Al-Masdar that Syrian Army units launched a vicious attack today following accurate strikes by artillery weaponry capturing many building blocks until they reached the railway from the direction of Mas’oud Storage on a front extending 200 meters.

Many militants and vehicles were neutralized in this operation that had allowed the Syrian Armed Forces to reign fire control over vast areas of the railway.

Several jihadist groups are present in Darayya with the most powerful two being Islamic Martyrs Brigade and the Islamic Union of Ajnad Al-Sham, amongst them dozens of foreign fighters.

Notable to say that army units were able to secure Nouriddeen Mosque and all the surrounding building blocks a few days ago. The latest advance places the government troops 500 meters away from cutting the remainder of opposition-held Darayya in two.

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